Thundering forward

A thank you from the blackboard

All continues to gather momentum under our railway arch here in Battersea this week. As the trains thunder overhead our brilliant beta testers are sending in all sorts of weird and wonderful lists for Paul to put inside his little black box the rest of us are not allowed to play with.

Some of our top lists so far include:

1. My favourite parts of the cell – Jeff Zweig
2. The best of Beijing – Dianne Hofmeyr
3. Where to play Ice Hockey in Bangkok – Bjorn Turmann
4. Favourite Orange County Surf Spots – Monu Joseph
5. 5 places so good I almost don’t want to tell you about them – Steve Catling

Seeing all these inspiring lists only reinforces our belief that our little site wont be that little for that long. Thanks to all for your contributions – please keep them coming.

Anyway, better get back to those spreadsheets, thanks for listening. More from us very soon.


One Response to Thundering forward

  1. Meriem says:

    Why don’t you ask permission to re-use some of the content these guys offer:

    I’m hoping this will get me off the hook for a few days..

    Nice to see you today Phil 🙂

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