Favourite blogs of 2007

The Blackboard’s favourite blogs

Under the bridge here in London we
usually start our day with a nice
cup of tea and a Skype call with
Alex G in Bangkok. We then usually
have a look at various blogs to
find out what’s happening online.

So we thought that one of our last posts of 2007 should pay tribute to one of these morning institutions – our favourite: blogs, teas or parts of Alex G.

We decided on blogs because we don’t know that much about tea and couldn’t agree on a favourite part of Alex G.

So here are 7 to kick off with:

1. The Equity Kicker – This is one of my favourites and is run by an insightful VC chap named Nic Brisbourne. Nic has kindly sent us a few of his lists to use as start up content.

2. TechCrunch – this is a very difficult blog to keep up with due to its huge number of daily posts. But it helps us keep up to date with new online developments and is a must read for all internet startups. Thanks to Monu for telling us about it.

3. How to Change the World – This is Guy Kawasaki’s excellent “practical blog for impractical people”. Guy has kindly allowed us to re-publish his lists on the various lies people tell each other in business. Compelling and useful stuff.

4. Bokardo – Social Design by Joshua Porter is an excellent resource for thought-provoking conversation about social web design. What Joshua doesn’t know about this topic isn’t worth knowing.

5. A Donkey on the Edge is the brainchild of Dug Falby an old colleague of mine from TMW. As Dug puts it, his blog contains the content’s of Dug’s head, in no particular order. This was one of the first blogs I started reading and have found it a great resource for usability, information architecture and much more.

6. Modern Marketing – Blog by Collaborate PR & Marketing and run by James Cherkoff. Don’t be put off by the name, this is a cracker of a blog and is full of wisdom and useful insights. I saw James speak at a chinwag event earlier this year and he was so impressive I decided to check out his blog. I’m very glad I did.

7. Iain Tait’s crackunit blog is also well worth subscribing to. Iain’s tag line for it is random nuggets of things and stuff. This sums it up pretty well. Can’t remember where I found it but have been a regular reader for a while now.

The last blog I was going to tell you about today was Blognation – however they unfortunately went under earlier today – sad as it was an excellent site.

Til the next post.


2 Responses to Favourite blogs of 2007

  1. Marie says:

    Does Dug know you’re calling him ‘old’ 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  2. mbites says:

    Thanks for the TechCrunch UK mention. Not!

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