Supporting the Writers Guild Strike

The blackboard goes on strike

It has become quite “cool” to support the striking writers in the US these days and I think I will jump on the bandwagon.

Of course my reasons for doing so are not totally altruistic. I basically decided to support them when I read that online stats for a number of sites are flying through the roof now that there is officially nothing decent to watch on TV.

This is a golden opportunity to convert millions of TV addicts into Internet addicts (and hopefully then Snagsta addicts)!

In fact, I am going beyond supporting the writers and am actually trying to think of anything I can do to extend the strike through until the launch of Snagsta later this month, this quarter soon. It is this kind of extra boost in traffic that could really help us to “tip”, so no strategy is off-limits to me.

Ideas, anyone?

P.S. In perhaps another side effect of having no writers available for love nor money, Alex Moore has managed to convince someone to post his ugly mug online, together with a story about us.

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