T minus 7 days and counting…

Things are hotting up under the Queenstown Road Arches. We’re a long way from the Golden Arches claim of over 100 billion served but big changes are afoot. Within a week our private alpha site will be up and there’s a real buzz in the air. And its not just the electrified railtracks overhead!

One thing that has really got us revved up is the fact that people have started asking us for lists! They know we’ve been collecting for a while now and so figure we’ve got some good stuff! And they’re right. I’ve just fired off a list of excellent suggestions for a chilled out weekend in Cape Town. And one person asked for a list of no-fail first date hotspots to take girls to in London. So if you find yourself sitting beside my brother Dave in a cozy nook of the Crazy Bear then make sure you keep your wits about you. Of course this warning may already be too late for some!

I was at the Imperial Entrepreneurs event on Tuesday night. Apart from providing the opportunity to drink beer with like-minded people they always seem to attract some great speakers. I am really starting to understand why setting up your own business is so addictive. Stephanie Bouchet, the Global Marketing Director for Joost, shared her 8 tips for an entrepreneur:

1. Think Customer: Integrate them into your organisation.

2. Passion: Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work again!

3. Timing: Like all things in life. As much as there is a bit of luck involved, you also need to trigger it.

4. Creativity: I don’t mean design; I mean creativity with respect to ideas and problem-solving.

5. Learn: Learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to fail.

6. Network: In London try 2nd Chance Tuesday / OpenCoffee / EYP / MiniBar

7. Growth: Grow beyond your time spent at work and apply what you learn in the office to life.

8. Have fun!


One Response to T minus 7 days and counting…

  1. Meriem says:

    On point 6 (Networking), I found this useful list of “25 top resources for internet startup founders”. I’ll be going to some of them so 1/ give me a shout if you are as it’s always good to know there’ll be a few familiar faces and 2/ let me know of any other useful ones which aren’t part of the list (Phil has my contact details!).


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