What’s so great about choices anyway?

It was Friday night and myself and Mrs. G decided to treat ourselves to a movie at the cinema (I take her on the best dates, I know). So we turn up early enough to give ourselves a bit of time to check out what is showing and choose anything that strikes our fancy.

And that’s when we hit a problem. Of the six movies on offer, three were Thai, (which I usually shy away from – there are good Thai movies, but in my experience they are rare), one was the amazingly over-hyped Cloverfield (and I was too recently burned by the Snakes on a Plane over-hype to take a risk on this one) and one was Enchanted, which looked very much like a kids film and therefore not my cup of tea.

The last option was Hitman. Apparently this is based on the video game, which was enough information for me to decide it was probably not going to be worth watching.

So we came home after eating dinner instead.

It got me thinking though. If just one of our friends had told us that any of those movies on offer were good (even the kids film), we would probably have got tickets for it last night and probably enjoyed it too.

This reminded me of a post I spotted on Bokardo (Joshua Porter’s blog), which talked about the Long Tail leading to too many choices leading in turn to social design. We only had 6 choices last night, but without a social context to help us make a decision, it was still 6 choices too many and nothing stood out.

In fact this gets to the heart of what we hope Snagsta will do for people. When you are faced with a number of different choices, Snagsta will use the opinions of your friends and like-minded people to help you make informed decisions.

I’ll close with a couple of lists that I hope might help you make a choice next time you are looking for a movie to rent (or not to rent!).

Five movies based on video games that you should on no account be tempted to watch:

1) Streetfighter – not only a Van Damme movie, but perhaps the worst Van Damme movie.
2) Mortal Kombat – there was better acting in my primary school plays.
3) House of the Dead – normally, I’m a big fan of the zombie genre, but in this one, I was rooting for the zombies.
4) Double Dragon – the game was bad, the movie worse.
5) Super Mario Brothers – I really have no idea how this even got made. This could in fact be the worst movie of all time.

Three movies based on games that are surprisingly good:

1) Tomb Raider – probably a guy thing, but this was a lot more enjoyable than I thought a game movie could be (although perhaps avoid the sequel).
2) Resident Evil – is there a pattern here? But these sequels you can watch.
3) Doom – made me jump and I like that in a movie.


5 Responses to What’s so great about choices anyway?

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