Are We There Yet?

They say time flies when you are having fun.

Considering how fast the days seem to be flying by at the moment, Team Snagsta must be having just about as much fun as is humanly possible without taking our clothes off.

Development of the system continues (have we made this a cliché now?), with ongoing debates about what looks right and what looks nothing like we thought it would, together with a hefty dose of change requests, a sprinkling of bugs and the odd overlooked issue or two.

It is at this time that you get a lot of “what were we thinking when we came up with that idea”, but the truth is, you can’t always tell how something is going to work out until you can see it.

But wait… Is that light at the end of the tunnel? Or have I just been staring at my monitor for too long?

To close, here’s a great list from Iain Tait ( highlighting a bunch of things that people who are just getting into digital always seem to propose at some point or another but really should best be ignored:

The 7 Deadly Sins of Digital

1. Tamagotchis

They say: “A game where you have to feed this little character to keep them alive, and you give them stuff, and they do stuff”

You say: “You want to create something based on an obsolete early 90s toy that wasn’t actually any fun? And you’re expecting people who don’t give a toss about your brand of fake-cheese-based snacks to go though a bunch of meaningless interactions for no real reward why?”

2. Screensavers

They say: “Let’s make a screensaver”

You say: “When was the last time you installed a screensaver? When was the last time you saw a screensaver on someone’s screen?”

3. Interfaces that look like the tops of desks or tables

They say: “We could make it look like the character’s desk, you can click on a file to read it, if you click on the answering machine you can hear a message… And so on…”

You say: “Oh FFS we can bend space and time and create things that redefine the way that the world works, but you want to use a clumsy metaphor that people are going to have to decompile in order to figure out how to get to a bit of information that in some rare case they might actually want. And it’s not extensible. And besides how many people watch youtube videos of their own adverts in the residue at the bottom of a coffee cup? And it’s not accessible… And so on…”

4. Desktop assistants / characters

They say: “You know the Microsoft paperclip, can we…”

You say: “Stop right there sonny, don’t say another word! Nobody likes the paperclip. The only good thing that ever happened to the paperclip was death. Even Bill Gates hates the paperclip.”

5. A virus

They say: “Could we create an actual virus that spreads our message”

You say: “Why not do it in the real world instead – why not just make a branded version of HIV, there’s more people in the offline world that you can infect”

6. A ‘viral’

They say: “We’ve made this film, can you make it a viral”

You say: “I’m just going outside to suck on an exhaust pipe for 30 minutes – if I make it back I’ll stick it on YouTube for you”

7. Starting a list of seven things and not counting how many you’ve got.


2 Responses to Are We There Yet?

  1. […] Moore over at Snagsta describes this rather nicely as part of his 7 Deadly Sins of Digital with: They […]

  2. I bought tamagotchi v6 game for my daughter to maintain them away from pc. It appears adorable to even an adult like me.

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