New ideas – are there any?

I was chatting to Phil the other day underneath the railway arches here in Battersea over a nice cuppa tea. He was spinning a yarn about books, plays and films and was trying to convince me that there are only 13 storylines / plots that they all follow (or a very low number thereabouts). I read something similar in a marketing book once saying there is no such thing as a new idea in advertising as new ideas are just reincarnations of old ones.

What a load of old tosh!

If you want to see something truly new then you should read this article by Iain Tate of crackunit fame about a great new Facebook App called the Add to Friend Shirt application that allows you to print unique QR codes on tee shirts.

If you’re not sure what QR codes are then you’re not alone. They are strange looking bar-code type images that can be read via your camera’s mobile phones (providing you have some clever software installed).

The Facebook App allows you to print your own QR code on the back of a selection of trendy tee shirts. The QR code points to a mobile-friendly version of your profile page on Facebook where people can chose to add you as a friend – assuming they have a Facebook account that is. I don’t think this is an idea that will go mainstream anytime soon but I think it will do well out of novelty factor and creative brilliance alone.

Good to see that perhaps new ideas aren’t dead after all eh Phil?


One Response to New ideas – are there any?

  1. pandora says:

    Thank you very much for this article. Waiting for another one.

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