Cosby Sweaters!


You may have read Alex M’s list in his post last week – you probably wouldn’t remember it though, even I nodded off while reading it. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s exactly why we’re hoping Snagsta will do well. One man’s delight is another man’s anathma.

So where am I going with this? Sure we’re a site that’s full of lists. And people love lists. Especially Americans according to videoblogger Kirby Ferguson (check out this amusing clip: Americans love lists). In truth though, we’re more of a ‘find’ engine. And here’s why:

1. You’ll be able to dip straight into lists created by your friends. People who you trust and whose passions you understand.

2. More interestingly, by comparing people’s lists and tastes we’ll be able to indentify like-minded people and send them suggestions from each other’s lists.

3. And we won’t send you lists from people you have nothing in common with.

4. It’s going to be interesting to see how good at this we are.

5. Alex M is the last person I’d want as the DJ at my party or advising me on men’s fashion but if I needed advice on buying a mountain bike or how to prepare for a trip to the North Pole then he’s the man I’d want behind me. Well, perhaps just to the side…

6. But if the Snagsta engine suggests a selection of Kylie Minogue tracks or a variety of Bill Cosby sweaters from Alex M’s lists then I know we’re in big trouble.

7. Then it’s time to roll up our sleeves again. Not like the old days when all I’d roll was my eyes… along with a non-committal “Sorry. This is not my thing, I work in the Marketing Department”.

8. But if our theory works, if you’re still reading this list you’re probably my mom.

Happy Easter!

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