Cover versions are never better than the originals

I just experienced first-hand one of the things Phil talked about in his TechCrunch pitch (by the way, the event write-up is now online!), when I tried to book a hotel earlier today.

I know, I know. Phil has said it already, but I want to do my own “cover version” because it just happened to me and besides, I am sure I have a better singing voice than he does.

I was browsing AsiaRooms, with TripAdvisor open in another tab for reference, but just got tied in knots trying to get to grips with making my decision based on the reviews. In Asia Rooms, I had back-to-back reviews that were as different as “The room itself was horrible…” and “Good hotel, with huge rooms…”.

And TripAdvisor didn’t help at all either, with their 6th best hotel in Manila displaying the review “Biggest Hotel Disappointment I’ve ever experienced!”.

Eventually I managed to find a hotel that seemed to have a fairly consistent set of reviews. Hooray!!

Of course, when I tried to book it, the rooms were all gone…

I’ll finish with an extremely tenuously-related list of interesting cover versions that you can see on YouTube:
London Bridge – such a great version
Hey Ya – the original is great, but this is as good in an oh-so-different way
Living on a Prayer – not such a great original, but mad skills in this cover
Umbrella – surprised at how good Mandy Moore sounds
Boulevard of Broken Dreams – I just wish a bit more of a Japanese accent came through
The Godfather Theme – not sure what Brando would make of this
Feeling Good – but are they?

PS So maybe I don’t have a better singing voice than Hofmeyr, but that’s okay. He needs a good voice to go with his rock-star looks

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One Response to Cover versions are never better than the originals

  1. ocdtetris says:

    Cool blog! You introduced me to some cool artists!

    Check out my new blog of the best covers ever 🙂

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