Lights, camera, action (well almost)

Help! Get me out of here

Help! Get me out of here

The long arm of the law finally catches up with Alex G and Bjorn

Yesterday, Alex G and our creative consultant extraordinaire Bjorn Turmann hit the streets of Bangkok to film a couple of videos that will help us spread the word of Snagsta just before our public beta launch.

When we asked them how things were going a couple of strange messages came back – Bjorn sent me a text that read, “What a day! It had it all: emotion, action, laughter and danger…”. Alex G’s description was even more intriguing, “I have a bad headache, a large lady has been jumping up and down on me all afternoon – I think she managed to cut off the blood flow to my brain”.

During the filming the guys were cornered by the Thai police who wanted to see their permits; which of course we didn’t have. They eventually managed to talk themselves out of trouble: but only just. The rest of shoot one had to be done covertly which Bjorn assures me will add a certain “edginess” to the scene.

Shoot two took our protagonists to a local spa. This is where the incident with the rather full bodied lady took place. To find out what happened next you will have to wait until the video appears on our blog. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, I will leave you, as always with a list. This comes from an excellent investigative journalism site named Mother Jones and it’s one that I hope Bjorn and Alex G will read carefully before they head out for shoot three!

8 Tips for an Easier Prison Stay

1. Leggo your ego: Be humble. New prisoners will “lock eyes with the wrong person and have problems,” says Steven Oberfest, an ex-bouncer and personal trainer who won’t say what he did time for. “This is not Fifth Avenue and their penthouse anymore. They’re just a number.”

2. Hard knocks: Never enter someone’s cell without permission, says Steve Scholl, a former management consultant who now goes by the moniker Dr. Prison. “It’s about respect. People get killed over that.”

3. Presumed innocent: Don’t go asking what someone is in for, advises Oberfest. Ask what he’s accused of.

4. Ethnic cleansing: Don’t mix with prisoners of other races, Dr. Prison warns. “Things we don’t even consider a problem between races here are a very extreme focus inside. If there’s a fight, every race needs to depend on their own race to protect them.”

5. Sleeping dogs: “Miserable people want to be miserable…treat them with extreme caution,” advises Robert McDorman, a former Texas car dealer who did 26 months for federal bank fraud.

6. The best defence: Just in case, Oberfest says you must learn to “drop someone incredibly fast.”

7. Unwanted interest: Says Oberfest, “If you bum a smoke and the guy with the cigarettes says, ‘Sure, it’s a twofer,’ you should know a twofer means, ‘I give you one for two, so now you owe me.'”

8. Alone time: Oberfest advises high-profile clients such as politicians to request solitary confinement, or even feign mental illness to get into the psych ward. “If you’re segregated, you’re going to have a much easier time.”

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2 Responses to Lights, camera, action (well almost)

  1. Light says:

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  2. Suriya says:

    amazing! This will come in handy for our politicians in my country!! . I wish I can share this on my FB page

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