8 Reasons Why Google Chrome is better than IE and Firefox

Fellow Snagsta co-founder and developer extraordinaire Paul Stancer has been staying with me this week. I don’t get to see him much as I live in central London whereas Paul lives in a remote cave in one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands.

At about 7.30 the other morning I stumbled in to him at the breakfast table and saw he was having a play around with Google’s new browser Chrome. We wanted to see if the private beta version of Snagsta worked on it and we were glad to see it did (we would have been pretty shafted if it didn’t).

Later that day I read a review about it from Nick Carr on RoughType via Nic Brisbourne’s Equity Kicker blog.

I’ve just had a test drive and have also read up on some more of its features. Here are a list of eight things I like about it and why it could be better than the latest versions of both IE and Firefox:

1. More stability

Google implies that Chrome is more stable than existing browsers. A major selling point for me. As their little Google’s comic book puts it, “When you’re writing an important email or editing a document a browser crash is a big deal”.

2. More speed

Google claim that sites will download quicker on Chrome; this appears to have something to do with Chrome’s JavaScript Virtual Machine named V8. Google state that Chrome looks at the JavaScript source code and “generates machine code that can run directly on the CPU that’s running the browser”, this apparently helps speed things up.

Brendan Eich (the founder of Mozilla CTO and JavaScript creator) claims a new Firefox’s new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine outperforms V8 so this particular claim is hard to verify.

3. More secure

I like how they have built Chrome using a sandboxing technique that prevents unwanted software installing itself on your machine and stops what happens on one tab affecting what happens on another.

4. More open

Google have decided to open source the entire browser. This could be of huge benefit to the web community. Yes, I know Google has more money than God so they can afford to do this but they deserve a pat on the back for doing this.

5. More style

Google definitely lacks Apple’s style but what they’ve build here looks really slick. I’m a big fan of the smooth and uncluttered look and feel.

6. A dynamic start page

Chrome have done away with the traditional start page approach used by other browsers to display your 9 most visited pages when you boot it up.

7. More Privacy

Google have included an “Incognito window” in this build. None of your history is saved in the browser when you use this window and when you close it the cookies from that session are wiped out.

8. Better approach to blocking pop ups

Pop ups are confined to stay in the tab they came from unless you want to drag them out in to a new tab. I just tested this out on one of my favourite music sites and it works like a treat.

Nice job Sergey and Larry.


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103 Responses to 8 Reasons Why Google Chrome is better than IE and Firefox

  1. Marc says:

    Hey guys – hope things are going well with Snagsta! Anyway, I gotta chime in about Chrome. I’m not sure if I’m the only person that’s had a terrible time with the browser, but I’ve had issues with every aspect of it. Slow, crashing, buggy, etc. I’m just surprised Google released something that didn’t fully work – even as a beta (I never had problems with GMail – and that’s still in beta).

    Check out the blog for my Chrome Sucks article….


  2. Tiago Sá says:

    Here’s a few reasons why Firefox is better than Chrome:

    – More secure
    It has been troughoutly testes and has dozens of security related extensions (NoScript and CS Lite are great).

    – Faster
    It’s a bit slower on javascript but way faster in every other camp.

    – Lighter
    Uses less memory, generally speaking.

    – More features
    Supports RSS feeds, for starters, and has loads of extensions for you to put in the features you want.

    – More customizable
    Lets you customize everything easily.

    – Easier to use
    Has better User interface and is generally easier to use.

    – 100 more reasons or so.

    • spottedstar1123 says:

      I admit, I was a Firefox fanatic before Chrome (me to friend: “Why you use Explorer? RAHH!!”). But, Chrome is faster and it never crashes, whereas Firefox crashed (for me) on average, once every two weeks. There was a site I loved that crashed every single time I went on it.

  3. Alex Moore says:

    Hi Tiago,

    Thanks for the excellent list and for adding some fuel to the debate. Perhaps we should turn your comments in to a list we can use on next week’s post and feature as a special list on Snagsta?


  4. Eduardo says:


  5. Rich says:

    I also have one more reason. You can switch between new tab and new window by “ripping” the tab of the bar.

    And also, you can resize the textboxes.

  6. Drew says:

    @ Eduardo and Marc. “Beta” is Google’s little safety flag they use as an all to familiar “no guarantee” tactic. They’ve done this for years. Makes them less accountable for issues with their products (not that they don’t make great ones). =P

  7. pffft says:

    i was a big fan of firefox but when chrome came out i forgot about FF.
    for me chrome is faster and the omnibar is genius. now i really dont see why should be two bars, one for addresses and one for the search engine.
    i like chrome because it’s lighter, i used to have my FF full of add-ons which I realized i didn’t use as much i thought i did.
    i don’t miss FF but i would take it back any day against IE.
    to sum it up: i love the omnibar 🙂

  8. Alex Moore says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more about the Omnibar. The single best thing about Chrome by far.


  9. eric says:

    chrome better than firefox? its ones man opinion but hell no.i will never download google chrome and for one reason only.PRIVACY!you mention privacy as a chrome selling point but google dosent give a dam about your privacy.you mention ingognito mode.well firefox has that to but lets be honest.how many people surf in that mode all the time.hardly anyone i know.by default chrome installs two features that make me tell chrome to go to hell.1.a id number that is unique to you.it identifies the time and date installed on your pc.2.omnibox.its a key logger.google claims its done to make your searches easier.bull!!!!!!!!!!. it monitors your key strokes.dont you sheep get it?if any other software installs a key logger people freak and want it off.google can call it a fancy name but no matter how you cut it if it monitors key strokes then its a key logger.period.also google admits to saving some search historys indefinately.they say its only a small percentage but if you are stupid enough to believe that i have a bridge in arizona i will sell you.iron browser is as good as chrome but dosent spy on you.google chrome can go to hell along with big brother!

  10. Steve says:

    Eric’s claims, if true, are shocking. Can anyone verify this? I tend not to trust anyone who’s unable or unwilling to use proper capitalization and punctuation whose name isn’t e e cummings.

  11. Alex Moore says:

    Hi Steve,

    I agree, Eric’s comments have made me think twice too. The key logger comments are particularly worrying. Eric, do you have any links to back up your comments?


  12. Joanne says:

    Actually, I was thinking about downloading Chrome. It seemed to work a bit faster but the key logger is a bit worrying. Someone please prove this. Just your word doesn’t mean it’s correct.

  13. Steve says:

    The guy’s a crackpot. None of the major sites/reviewers have noted anything about this imagined feature in Chrome. His silence should be taken as a retraction of his statement. He’s either in the employ of another browser or just plain nuts. I’ve been using Chrome for about a month now, and it’s superior to all the other browsers I’ve tried, especially as I’m currently based in Thailand, where even fast connections aren’t as fast as I’m used to. Don’t let his unsupported and unpunctuated comments dissuade you from getting an excellent and fast browser/

  14. Our team has been waiting on Google’s web browser’s extensions for months it seems … So far I have played with 8 plugins and am plesantly surprised with them. FF has started to slowed with use and the extensions are welcomed with open arms.

  15. Eric-Dillan says:

    Yes, what Eric (the other Eric) is saying is almost wholly incorrect. It is true that Google does, (anonymously) send a packet of your search in the omnibox, but this is only in order to give you search suggestions. (I figured rthis out by accident when messing with the about:network page and making a search) In fact, every major search engine already does this on their homepage, Google just decided to add it to their browser. In any case, it doesn’t matter, because you can disable by going to the The Wrench>Options>Under the Hood> then uncheck “Use a suggestion service…” but I don’t know why you would do that, because it is very useful. As for the ID number, he is probably lying because of the ambiguity of the statement.

  16. Jason says:

    I don’t know where Eric-Dillian got his information, but the other Eric is 100% correct, though he could have expressed it better. Omnibox is a keylogger in the sense that it does intercept keystrokes and records them. You can turn it off and it only works in Chrome. Nevertheless, it IS a keylogger. Chrome also has a unique ID for every installation. It is found by going to Chrome> User Data> Local State ‘user experience metrics’ ‘client id’.

    To Eric-Dillian, I suggest doing 5 minutes of research before responding to something.

  17. Eric-Dillan says:

    Yes Jason, you are right about the client ID, I admit I wasn’t 100% sure about that. However, I gave proof of what the omnibox is, instead of just giving an opinion. I never said that other browsers do it, I said other SEARCH ENGINES do it, except they do it on their main site, instead of in the browser. It simply sends your searches to google so they can return search suggestions. Big deal. Go on any search engine, like yahoo, and it will do the same. I’m happy google made it easier by putting it in chrome. If thats your definition of a key logger, than either they arent as bad as they seem, or you should get off of the internet, because every site you go on is a “keylogger”.

  18. Eric-Dillan says:

    Also, Eric,(Or Jason or anyone else) can you please give me specific ways that this “clientID”, “keylogger”, or even chrome itself is a breach of security? I have read many sensationalist answers to this question, but the only one that I have seen substantiated is from Google themselves:


  19. Taurus says:

    Well,i been reading all the comments on this page and have come to this conclusion. It’s all about what you as a person prefer. Me personly, i love google chrome. But let’s not get it twisted. I just recently went out and bought an Dell Inspiron 1545. And google chrome works like a charm. But a couple of months ago i was running google chrome on an gateway computer i’ve had for at least 10 yrs. It was a terrible ride. Lots of crashes, super duper slow. And i really got tired of the message, “aw snap” popping up. But since i’ve had dis newer, much faster Laptop, google chrome runs faster dan i probaly can think. To sum it all up, maybe if ur computer is running google chrome slow, it’s proly not the browser, maybe it’s ur computer…(Google Chrome–4 thumbs up)

  20. Taurus says:

    O yea, by the way, if your the type of person who really doesn’t care 4 add-ons, (which takes up 2 much space if you ask me)and all those other things that clutter up your browsing screen, Google Chrome is where it’s at…

  21. Alex says:

    Firefox is old hat counterculture; Opera is failed old hat counterculture.

    Chrome is more stable and faster than all others, closest being Safari.

    Get over Firefox (Maybe on the 31st when they FINALLY release a full version to address 2 week old vulnerabilities – still 5 days away..)

  22. Balram says:

    Order of best browsers (professional opinion, and matches mine, shockingly!):
    1. Google Chrome.
    2. Mozilla Firefox.
    3. Apple Safari.
    4. Internet Explorer 6
    5. Opera.
    6. Internet Explorer 8.

    I had to split the IE Browsers, because undoubtedly, IE8 is MUCH worse than IE6!

    Plus, I can’t insert IE9 into this because it ain’t released yet, otherwise it may just be at first place, in my expectations. 8P

    • spottedstar1123 says:

      Whoa, same opinion as me, except I’ve never tried Opera and I don’t know which versions of IE I’ve used, but it’s in the same place on the list.

  23. Mark says:

    I know that I find the latest release of chrome fairly buggy and crashes a bit too often for my liking.
    Not my computer, I have a very high end pc.
    Will stick to ff for now..

  24. ericds33 says:

    The Latest chrome build? Are you using the dev version? because the stable release has never frozen on me nor have i seen it crash on any of my friends computers.

    • ericds33 says:

      If you go back to my earlier post (as Eric-Dillan), I clearly explain all of that. Eric was very sensationalist in his comment, which is typical of people hating on Google for privacy issues.

  25. Eduardo says:

    While I do like Google and most of the tools they’ve developed, I can’t see why Google Chrome is better than Firefox.

    1. Stability – In the tests I’ve personally made FF is more stable than Chrome.

    2. Speed – If properly setup FF is actually faster than Chrome (there are plenty of tutorials to tweak FFs performance).

    3. More secure – There’s already a discussion about Chrome’s security, won’t discuss it, although I think Chrome’s sandbox feature is really cool.

    4. Opensource – duh, both are.

    5. Style – that’s highly discussible… I prefer FFs style and there are plenty of themes out there to please all.

    6. “Dynamic start page” – well… if you know safari you know where they copied the idea… and you can do that in FF too with an addon.

    7. “Privacy mode” – FF has it too.

    8. Popups – I use Ad Block Plus and don’t worry about popups and publicity… (a FF addon).

    I think if someone prefers chrome so be it – I like it too… but saying it’s better than FF it’s another story… And the extensive addon resources FF already has make it difficult to find something FF doesn’t have or do..

  26. JHouse says:

    Firefox is way better than Chrome. I just returned to Firefox after using Chrome for the last 6 months, and I gotta tell you…I’M SOOOO HAPPY BE BACK! For one, Chrome crashes so much (Google should really stick to search engines, not creating programs), the Firebug for Chrome is weak, and wow, Chrome’s Bookmark manager completely sucks and actually gets worse when they update it…so not user friendly. Firefox is the best, period.

  27. Sam says:

    All you people are crazy; IE 8 is just as reliable as anything out there. Does it really matter since you are all using Google search no matter what the search engine happens to be. Get a life losers!

  28. MattStraz says:

    Hi Porter,
    I do not address this to you personally.
    I have only ever briefly used firefox, but have been using chrome for a reasonable amount of time at this point and I find it considerably better from what I’ve experienced. I do not commonly endure through crashes with chrome, and the separate processes for the tabs has really saved my work on numerous occasions.

    Also, I strongly disagree with what eric says, simply because (This may seem trolly) he has terrible punctuation and it intensely irritated me.

    I do like how the only person vouching for IE8 felt the need to include what appears as an insult in his “arguement”.

    Thankyou, and goodbye.
    Ily all.
    League Of Legends.

  29. eric says:

    Cool story bro.i really apreciate the constructive fagism.not really.go die.im sad now.haha.

  30. Chet Nehring says:

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  31. popstarfreas says:

    firefox is better. the browser wont load the page faster because you cant without cutting bits out. google chrome actually let me download a virus. firefox warned me that it was.you see you cant group tabs in chrome and my other laptop becomes very slow while using chrome.anything is the misleading information about not being able to load a page it kept saying something about dns.ff said that the server was to slow at responding.add-ons are awsome and so are toolbars stick with chrome then so be it. but ff is a lot better with performance and look.

  32. I think that Chrome is far better. Each tab is a separate process, autofill is one of the best that I have seen, tiny browser bar plus tabs and add-ons, it’s highly intuitive, quickest startup of any browser I’ve used… the downloads bar at the bottom is really handy too, showing you data amount both data-wise and graphically, time remaining and with one click that file will open upon completion… no more eternal searching for what you just downloaded… truly a brilliant browser. It might be “lightweight”, but it distributes memory usage logically and is so much faster than ie (tried firefox for a while, was about as good but the GUI lacked something)

  33. Rohit says:

    Mozilla is still the best among the developers.

    • spottedstar1123 says:

      FF is pretty good, but it’s sometimes slow and doesn’t respond a lot. What’s weird, though, is that when I used FF, my default search thingy was Google, then when I started using Chrome, then used FF again because it was still my default browser, my search engine was Babylon, which I hate. That’s a long sentence.

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  47. Chap909 says:

    Meh. Google chrome and firefox wont let me click certain things, like on omegle I can’t even click text or spymode and start something, it DOES work on IE though. and chrome isnt too much better than IE other than looking better and being a tiny bit faster, oh and the tabs are better but thats about it.

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  51. Tim says:

    No way it works “better”. I have encountered multiple problems with Chrome and Google websites. I’ve sent multiple feedback responses to Google about Google Apps and various issues that don’t exist in FF or IE, but do it Chrome. They aren’t doing a great job in terms of testing, but I’m still I Chrome fan. I think all browsers will vary depending on the release. I do have all of them and use what works best for the time. Right now I have felt forced to use FF, which is reliable and I would agree slower.

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    Most people say that Google Chrome is faster than many other web browsers, just like how Apple OS is ‘faster’ and ‘sleeker’ then other OSes. However, if you have realised, companies are becoming more minimalist. The sheer looks of having less detail (look at chrome’s latest logo, Apple’s mostly empty packaging) and looking ‘cleaner’ gives the impression that it is faster. Companies are leaning towards more minimalism. I will expect many other companies to follow the trend of having less details for visual favour to cover their practical mistakes.
    Ever noticed that the most ‘sleekiest’ brand design always wins the crowd despite being worse? As for (1) and (2)- Google implies, Google claims. Dont let your eyes fool you. Go check Opera, Firefox and Explorer and use a stopwatch. You will realise in the first instant that less animations, tab smoothness (as in graphics) and animations will do you good.

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