Tagline contest. Win a bottle of wine!


In the spirit of online collaboration we’re kicking off a competition to find the best Snagsta tagline. The most original, funny, best and worst taglines will all win a bottle of wine. Some of you may even be lucky enough to have it hand-delivered by a founder [depending on your postcode and vital statistics]. This is not a joke, you could win! Impossible is nothing.

So, what makes a great tagline?

Skype: Take a Deep Breath.
Orange: The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Orange.
Apple: Think different.
Amex: Don’t leave home without it.
Smith Barney: We make money the old-fashioned way – we earn it.
DeBeers: A diamond is forever.
Audi: Vorsprung durch technik.
Heinz: Beanz meanz Heinz.
Carlsberg: Probably the best beer in the world [even though we all know it’s crap]

Some topical ones:

AIG: The strength to be there.  [I wonder how their customers feel at the moment?]
Lehmans: Where Vision Gets Built.  [And, apparently, destroyed]

And our favourite:

Heineken’s: Refreshes the parts other beers can’t reach.
The inspiration for our current tagline:
Snagsta. Helps you find the things Google can’t.

Love it or hate it [incidentally marmite’s tagline] you have to admit, it’s actually true. Consider searching for restaurants in London on Google… 1.5 million results later, have you really ‘found’ any? But ask a friend for a list of their 5 favourite restaurants in London and I’ll bet you’d have one picked out in no time.

Of course Google might find a reason to hate it. Hence the competition.

So what is Snagsta? Snagsta is a recommendation site that uses lists of your favourites to help you find things you’ll like. The one-phrase benefit of Snagsta is: Find remarkable things you can trust.We need your help making that sentiment sexier and turning it into a tagline.

To get your juices flowing here are some possibilities:

Snagsta. Helps you find the things Google can’t.
Snagsta. Find things search engines can’t.
Snagsta. Find things you’ll like.
Snagsta. Take the lottery out of discovery.
Snagsta. Hidden little gems.
Snagsta. Search, refined.
Snagsta. The internet distilled by your friends.
Snagsta. Needles without the haystack.
Snagsta. List. Share. Discover.
Snagsta. List. Connect. Discover.
Snagsta. Finders keepers.
Snagsta. Better than the rest.
Snagsta. Where people in the know go.

And finally …

Snagsta. Probably the best site on the web.

Any gems in there?  Or do they all taste like Carlsberg?
Let us know and submit your suggestion in the comments.

Just do it!

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34 Responses to Tagline contest. Win a bottle of wine!

  1. Snagsta – your friends little black book

  2. Andy says:

    Snagsta – the best of everything.

  3. Snagsta, we havent slept with Voluptua

  4. David Hofmeyr says:

    Snagsta. Everything worth knowing.

  5. Vanessa Vettier says:

    “Needles without the haystack” is my favorite.
    “Take the lottery out of discovery” is a second best.

    How about:
    Snagsta – the insider track.
    Snagsta – tips you can trust.

  6. Grant Herringer says:

    Dunk n Ouma, Dunk n Ouma!

  7. Jim Chet McCloskey says:

    Snagsta – so easy that joel can use it

  8. Marie F says:

    Snagsta. Find things you list, list things you’ll find…

    Snagsta. List it. Find it.


  9. Phil Ingam says:

    Tell them Phil sent ya…

  10. S Overell says:

    Snagsta: Find what you want to find
    Snagsta: Find what’s hard to find
    Snagsta: Find what doesn’t want to be found (might be a bit too creepy – like the tagline for a horror movie)
    Snagsta, as used by Paris Hilton

  11. catherine says:

    You. Found.

  12. Tomi Davies says:

    Snagsta. What you gonna do?
    Snagsta. What2do?

  13. Paul Stancer says:

    snagsta: yes we can!

  14. Karen Windahl Finnigan says:

    “What people in the know, know.”

  15. Nathalie Hawkin says:

    Snagsta. Does the thinking for you.

  16. Andrew Work says:

    Snagsta: Your Mind Revealed.
    Shagsta: We know what you like.
    Snagsta: The Borg of Recommendations
    Snagsta: The Fastest Route to Happiness

    How’da like them apples?

  17. Rowen says:

    Some you win! Some you win!

  18. Rowen says:

    Snagsta: Learn to Snag

  19. David Hofmeyr says:

    Snagsta. People in the know.

  20. Alex Gardner says:

    I’m not eligible, but the other entries have inspired me:

    Snagsta. Who can you trust?

  21. niko frago says:

    Snagsta: Access your friends’ word-of-mouth without leaving the house

  22. Carl Youngman says:

    Snagsta – when your own ideas just aren’t good enough.

    Snagsta – lists for life.

  23. Marie says:

    More from me:

    Snagsta: Live; Love; List (although saying that one out loud ends with Lust at the end)
    Snagsta: Live it: List it
    Snagsta: Life in a list


  24. niko frago says:

    Snagsta: Picks your friends’ brains for you

  25. Rychus Cortina says:

    ‘Snagsta. Needles without the haystack.’
    —> Catchy and brilliant! Love it!

  26. Snagsta. “These are a few of my favourite things.” (From The Sound of Music in case you didn’t get it instantly.)

  27. Gary says:

    Gotta love ‘Take the lottery out of discovery.’

  28. Snagsta. Your favourite things

    Snagsta. Share your top tips

  29. Lesley says:

    Snagsta. Sorted.

  30. […] the winner is… A little while ago we ran a tagline contest for Snagsta. Those of you that have popped by the site recently will have noticed (hopefully!) that […]

  31. SLT-A65 says:

    Sekarang aku senang bahwa saya melihat situs ini, persis informasi yang sesuai yang diinginkan!

  32. Vapor Liquid says:

    Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your article post. I wanted to write a little comment to support

  33. Pick 6 Leak Proof

    Tagline contest. Win a bottle of wine! | the snagsta blog

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