10 lists to inspire you in 2009


I was talking to one of our users yesterday and he was complaining that we hadn’t updated our blog (with the exception of Mr Moore’s posts he said he quite missed our stories).

We’ve been so busy road-testing the site we haven’t had a chance to finalise our tagline competition so the wine is still on my desk – quite a testament to our self discipline in these trying times. Reviews from our first batch of users back inside Snagsta have been fairly promising. Thanks to those of you who have sent us feedback.

The original plan was to give all our readers a Mont Blanc pen for Christmas but out of respect to all the bankers that have lost their jobs we thought something humble would be more appropriate.

Instead we thought we’d share some of our favourite lists with you.

  1. Things to do in the Bay Area / Northern California (Michael Kalmar)
  2. No fail date places in London (Rebeccah Rumph)
  3. 5 places so good I almost don’t want to tell you about them (Steve Catling)
  4. Highly recommended podcasts (Burak Alpar)
  5. Clues you’re getting old (Marie Foster)
  6. Picture books every child should be given (Dianne Hofmeyr)
    This user, who I might be related to, has made some great lists – check out the ones on travel. Thanks mom 🙂
  7. When insults had class (Richard Pickering)
  8. Things to do in and around Cape Town (Nick Pickard)
  9. The best places to kiss in Paris (Vanessa Vettier)

    And finishing off with something on the racier side…

  10. Food to get their knickers off (Neil Foreman)

Have a great Christmas!


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