Home alone

home-alone1Phil and Alex have left me alone while they head off to see the world (insert sad face emoticon if you are that way inclined). Well actually they have left me to go show off Snagsta to the world, but it amounts to the same thing. Alex G is alone at the controls…

On the odd occasion that I am left at home alone, I like to do the things that I usually don’t have permission to do – move things around, throw stuff out or secretly store things in the spare room, etc. These rare moments of complete dictatorship invariably lead to punishment at a later stage, but that doesn’t stop me.

What then can I do at Snagsta, while the “cats” are away?

We’ve been talking about colour a fair bit recently, with the existing purple getting mixed reviews since its inception all those months ago. Some people like it, some don’t, some call it pink, some call it mauve. Some guys like it, some girls don’t. There hasn’t been a formal poll, but I think it might be fun to see if I can’t switch it out while nobody is looking.

Any suggestions on what to change it to?

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8 Responses to Home alone

  1. jeff zweig says:

    how about flesh color?

  2. Jon says:

    Red, white and blue, what else? Er…well maybe just red and white then.

  3. Love says:

    Perfect posts! i love this! this is what i am looking for!

  4. Cude says:

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  5. Ley says:

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  6. jJuLiAa says:

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