We all live on the Snagsta Submarine

6 May 2010

It’s time we re-surfaced and explained ourselves…

Things have been a little quiet on the Snagsta front for some time now. Our anticipated rise to Facebook/Google challenger status hasn’t come to pass. Yet. Mostly, I like to blame Alex for this, but I guess the volcanic ash must shoulder some of the responsibility, and I’ve also started walking on the cracks in the pavement again which doesn”t help.

In truth it’s a combination of things:

1. The product has design flaws. The product does not match our idea the way it should. The site design has significant flaws – e.g. there’s no tagline explaining what it does!

2. We haven’t been good at iterating. By that I mean we haven’t converted all the really useful feedback into product design tweaks. There is a quote somewhere that mentions that all successful businesses have completely overhauled their business model or product at least 6 times before it worked. Contrary to popular belief, the iPod took forever to take off. You have to do this quickly and regularly. We haven’t. Eric Ries waxes lyrical on this stuff.

3. We’re working part-time. Living in London aint cheap. Alex got so hungry he started a restaurant chain – Rosa’s. Actually, his exceptionally talented wife is the brains and chef behind the Rosa’s (there is a very good chance Alex will bring you the bill though!).

I am sure there are more reasons – with start-ups there always are – but I just wanted to get in touch again to let you all know we’re still afloat, still tweaking things, quitely conspiring to find a way to turn periscope ripples into waves.

It’s not quite ‘Full Steam Ahead, Mr Barkley’ but at least our submarine hasn’t cost as much as Trident!