Just how 2.0 are you?

15 August 2008
web 2.0 logos

web 2.0 logos

I finally managed to get a little time to go through SEOmoz’s 2008 Web 2.0 awards list and it occurred to me that a good way to see how 2.0 you are is to tally up the number of their award-winning sites that you use regularly.

They have 174 sites listed and I use a grand total of 17 of these, so I guess that makes me not so much web 2.0 but more web 0.2.

In my defence, I will roll out the usual line about being so busy that I don’t have the time to keep up any more.

Once you have counted up, check below to see how you did.

0-30: Really, why did you even bother trying.
31-60: Nope, you still have the stench of 1.0 about you.
61-90: Not bad, you can hold your head up high.
91-120: Yep, it’s official, you can now add 2.0 after your name.
121-150: Crikey, don’t you have a life?
151+: You bloody cheat! Go back and count again properly.

Seriously though, what did surprise me a little bit is the lack of 2.0 features in this awards list. Don’t get me wrong, I love SEOmoz, but if you are going to put together a list of the best 2.0 sites why not make the actual awards list a bit more 2.0 too?

That said, this is a great list and come 2009, expect to see Snagsta up there with the best, even if they have to create a new category for us!

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