Our first page hatches!

1 February 2008

This week was a special week for us over here at Snagsta. We got to see our very first database-integrated webpage.

It’s perhaps not the prettiest webpage we’ve ever seen but as it’s our baby we think she’s beautiful (Phil almost cried when he saw it).

All we need to do now is give birth to another several hundred of its brothers and sisters and we’ll be ready to launch our private beta website. Exciting times indeed.

Paul remains under the bonnet of the black box 22 hours a day but the sounds coming from it are promising – not quite a roar, more of a growl but encouraging nonetheless.

So despite all this doom and gloom about the world’s economy, we’re pretty happy over here in Snagstaville.

To celebrate this week’s new arrival, here’s a list Alex G just put together. It’s called “A few different things that I found useful to help prepare me for being a dad”.

1. What to expect when you are expecting: Can’t really live without this book in the run up to the birth.

2. babynames.com: Good as the standard site for looking for names, but there are lots of similar sites, so this is just a guide.

3. Secrets of the baby whisperer – Tracy Hogg: Easy to read and most of the advice seems to have gone down quite well. Good bit on how to undo bad behaviour that may have crept into your baby’s routine.

4. Baby fairs: Find out when you have a baby fair near you and go with a bunch of money. You’ll spend tonnes, but will save on everything and the big brands will usually be there giving stuff away too.

5. Contented little baby book – Gina Ford: Quite opinionated, but helps to give you some ideas on setting up routines.

6. allnewbabynames.com: Horrible site design, but great for sparking ideas on names that are a little different.

7. Second hand stuff: Check with everyone you know who has a baby, cos half the stuff you need, you will only need for about a month! Most families have therefore got tonnes of stuff that they hardly used and would probably be happy to see cleared out of their house.

8. What to expect the first year: Not bad, but not quite the “thank God for this book” you feel after reading the first one (see item 1).

9. babyfancy.com: This one is specifically for Thailand, cos it is in Thai, but we found loads of great advice on this site.

10. Your hospital: When you are scoping out hospitals, check for their free courses, etc on parenting. Most get sponsored by the baby brands, but are useful all the same.