Sunning ourselves at FOWA

30 October 2008


Earlier this month, we paid a 2-day visit to FOWA (The Future of Web Apps exhibition and conference) in East London.

We were in the Sun Lounge as guests of the magnanimous Stewart Townsend (the man of a thousand shirts) but a stone’s throw from a particularly excellent surf machine (Phil managed to stay on it well over a minute, me, slightly less).

Stewart invited us take part as we recently signed up to Sun’s excellent Startup Essentials programme.

Thanks to him we got to know Duncan from hosting company EveryCity, Glenn and Angela Shoosmith (husband and wife) from BookingBug (who won one of Mike Butcher’s several TechCrunch Pitch events) and Charlie and Sophie Cox (brother and sister) who have just set up Worldeka. There were also a couple of other people you might have heard of… the young lad in the photo with the halo is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. I saw him speak and was impressed with his sincerity but a little disappointed that he skirted some key issues and didn’t stick around for any questions.

The presentations were good and there were always some interesting folks wondering into the Sun Lounge. Learned a few things about Facebook Connect, Microformats and OAuth too so all in all it was a good couple of days. Thanks Stewart, we owe you one.

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